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MS internship

September 28, 2007

okie… time to face the truth.
I am not accepted to internship program.

Bye bye Redmond. >_<
😦  ->  >_<  ->  :d  ->  :Þ  -> 🙂
Okie. time to move on. 🙂

As what our dear Arnold will say… “I’ll be back”


X3D? U3D? WPF? WTF? >_

March 5, 2007

Looking at X3D specification, I am really impress with how vector 3D graphics has progressed over the years from rater 2D format to VRMLs to this. Anyway, I realised that intel is one of the most active partner in the proposal of X3D before switching camps to form 3DIF and subsequently competiting U3D format.

I am quite disappointed with my failed attempts to compule the inted U3D SDKs. My poor skills in c++ libraries probably contributed to it. 😦 But there is just too little support online or even much mention about U3D, hmmm…

Intel has created the SDK for U3D as it is supposed to have optimized improvement with intel processors, Adobe has done its part by including U3D support for adobe readers. Right Hemisphere supports graphic editing for U3D. I am very curious what is Microsoft’s role in U3D.

Continueing with my quest, I read up on WPF and WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) which supports 3D (2D for WPF/E). I know WPF is more than just 3D objects, it encompasses the graphical subsystem feature of the .NET Framework 3.0.  WPF/E is to be supported on internet via browsers plugin, but no news on U3D yet.  

But is this not conflicting with U3D in any ways? Very curious over what is Microsoft stance over these graphic representations. 

Will spend sometime on that… hmm. very interested to know the answer.