The Big Break – Singapore

Woohoo!! THe big break is here! Andrew is off to Singapore for 3 weeks of de-stress.

 Day 1

Arrived in Airport at 4pm. Wanted to get some tiger beer out… but apparantly, I can only bring 3 cans of beer. >_< so no beer.
First thing first, I paid a visit to my Uncle that night.
My uncle is the most senior now in my family now that my father passed away, and so it has became a responsibility to pay a visit for respect (to me at least).
What supposed to be a simple visit to my uncle became a big event. my aunties wanted to come along it became a family dinner. Well, not too bad. hehe. 🙂

Day 2

Woke up in the morning… Singapore FOOD! yummy. got cai tao guay (carrot cake) and ming jiang guay (peanut sandwich) for breakfast.. yummy. hehe. 
then it is straight to the Columbarium to see my daddy and my other desceased relatives. most of my desceased relatives’ ash are placed in nam an temple, even my grandma and grandpa will have to come here when the government exhumes the cemetery in about 5 years time.
The temple is very beautiful now with stone cravings on the walls. hmm.. this is a day of rememberance. A tribute to wonderful memories, and a place where our loved ones come to rest.

We then went to China town to get some CNY goodies! 🙂
well, it is not as crowded as what it used to be. But its still crowded nontheless.

Day 3

Went to visit my maternal aunties in Bukit Timah. they recently bought a new Semi-detach in Bukit Timah, the fate of the bunglow nearby where they used to live will have to be decided. To sell or to rent.. hmm… Rental is a good option for investment, but sale is always tempting for other possibilities. Went on the NTUC to get some groceries and shaver… not shaved for 3 days >_<

tonight, I am to invite my ancestors, dad and uncle/aunties home. Traditionally, it is like sending a text message to the nether world to remind them to come by our house tomorrow. Theoratically, they should come tomorrow and meet us! so naturally, everyone is comming to our house to pray tomorrow.

Day 4

Realised that this is not the way to blog the travels… no time to do it too! hehe. 🙂

 But I will probably put it up to flickr! 🙂


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