pollution. we are like frogs in warm water.

Hmmm… there is this heavy heavy rain today and it prompted me to wash my car while it last. brrr…. bad decision.. >_<
anyway, thats not the focus of this blog. 🙂

 I was taking the ferry to school this morning, when I took a quick look outside. The rain has stopped, the air was fresh and cool. I realised that the landscape is SO MUCH clearer than usual, I did not realise that the world is so clear and crisp. It then seemed to me that everything is so clear now only because the rain has cleaned up the air of dust. So sad that we all got so used to the everyday pollution. >_<

Just like frogs in a pot of water, not realising that the water is getting hot because it is being heated slowly. Althought we are still amongst the cleaner country, least we forget that we are still in a bad shape.


Hey! Which reminded me of this song. I have shared it before in one of my previous blogs. but It is so good, that bringing it up a thousand times is never too much. Listen to the lyrics! and understand what it is trying to tell us!

 One of the comments which I find very meaningful. Sums up what this song is about.

“What Julian is saying in this song is that man has accomplished so many monumental things and we’re so proud of them (space travel, our society, industrial & civilization improvements) but we manage to forget some important issues to all mankind like poverty, starvation, pollution etc. ”


2 Responses to “pollution. we are like frogs in warm water.”

  1. sam Says:

    this song again! pengz..!

  2. xiquan Says:

    hehe. nice song ma

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