Uninstalling Orcas

Hmm… I don’t think many people had this trouble as I can only find one instance of this error on the web.

 Anyway, I had trouble uninstalling my Visual studio Orcas (required for VS2008) and replacing it with VS 2008.

There is a strange “Error 1324: the folder path ‘VS Tools for Office’ contains an invalid character. ” which I cannot resolve. I removed VS tools and programming support in all my office application but it does not work. I removed all folders relating to VS tools for Office too but … well..

Anyway, after doing the “correct” way. I decide to look into the dark alley of unscrupulous removal of Orcas. >_<
Not recommended but desperate measures. Here is the magic tool which solved my problem. Have a look at it and use your imagination! hehe. see –>


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