Timmy and Tammy

Cats… did I mentioned cats?
hehe. ok. We bought 2 cats.

It all Begin when my gf made me angry.
To revenge, I brought her to all the puppy shops I can find that weekend.
I know that will antagonise her because she loves dogs but … our rental place do not permit a dog… hehe.

unfortunately… heaven forbids… she decided to get a cat instead (our rental allow cats)… so.. she “counter-revenged” by pestering me 24/7 for a cat. Well.. she got what she wanted. Then that’s where my stupid mouth moves… I started talking about how lonely will the cat be and how boring if no one plays with him… so ….


Moral of the story.. never take revenge on your close ones… especially girlfriend


3 Responses to “Timmy and Tammy”

  1. sam Says:

    LOL…u bought cats for revenge.OMG!this is so funnie but the cats are cute. the grey one looks cute! are they naughty?

  2. xiquan Says:

    I like Tammy (grey one), 🙂

    Timmy is naughtier and more dominant, he tend to steal food from Tammy.

    But Timmy is well toilet trained. tammy seems to have a difficult concept of pooing and peeing on the toilet bowl.

  3. sam Says:

    LOL both cats sound so like u n selina ah..HAAHHA..
    i also like the grey one.Hehhe..but i’ve to see them myself to determine the feeling.

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