All about singaporean chinese names.

Looking at the MSP forum, I realised that people are calling me “xiquan” which is correct because my login name is xiquan. Its just abit strange because people stopped calling me xiquan since 10. hehe. makes me feel so young.

 BUT. I realised that I have 3 names to live by! And so here is a short explaination of Singaporean names! hehe

Chen Xi Quan : My Chinese Name  (陈玺全). All chinese names usually have a meaning. Mine?

陈 is my last name, so no questions about it. we always put our last names in front as we believe that our family name is the most important, sort of cultural/tradition/clan thingy.
玺  means ‘seal of authority’ by the emperor, hoping that I can make big decisions.
全 means ‘complete’, because I complete the family being the 2nd child and so no little brother for me. >_<

Tan Siak Chuan –> My Full English Name. Because every singaporean needs to produce an english name as we were an english colony and our parents aren’t too well educated, they translate their chinese names to english ones literally base on their dialects. This way of translation passed on to the younger generation even though we are no longer a colony. Being of teochew dialect, “Tan Siak Chuan” is a literal translation of Chen Xiquan in teochew. This is also why There are many different translation of last name ‘陈’. ‘陈’ can be Tan or Chen or Chan etc depending on the dialects of the person.

Andrew Tan –> Latest addition using a christian name. (Thanks to a friend: Grace for giving and calling me Andrew till I do feel Andrew) Why christian name? Guess because I went to Christian Schools all the way.

Hope you guys enjoy this small info. And if you are of western origin, ask your fellow asian friends what their name means! haha. its enjoyable to know that someone’s name can actually tell you what are their parents’ hope for their child.


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