Is Internet Explorer really lousier or is it a victim of…?

Wow.. I should not be putting this post really… especially here in WordPress… but what the heck! You will know why later. hehe.

Anyway, I am looking at the dashboard of my wordpress admin console when I saw the “upgrade” option. I clicked on it and I saw a browse happy sticker at the bottom of the console. (yes, proudly brought to you by wordpress)

Browse Happy logo

I clicked on it and it brought me to a page which attacked on IE browsers, it also introduced other browsers as alternatives.

 I personally tried Oprah and Firefox… but I really still prefer IE. I thought it uses much lesser memory and is much faster, compared to what alot of people are claiming. I must admit though that I did not test it at all, these are just gut feeling when I am using different browsers. Personally when some of my friends are saying that I am silly/stupid using IE7 instead of oprah or firefox, I’d thought that they are saying only because of anti-microsoft sentiments or they are just ‘following the trend’.

Anyway, I decided to go and browse for more information myself… and guess what I found? No need for me to elaborate on something which someone has already did so much research in already.

Firefox Myths <– Noob alert: when there is a sticker and no link, click it.

Anyway, I am sure there are alot of theory or arguments about this. Please comment if you have reliable sources on this issue! 🙂


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