Imagine Cup 2008!

Okay. what is Imaginecup with 50 words.

“Imagine cup is a global competition which consist of several categories from short film to games to software design. Each year, there will be a theme where programming team align to with their unique skills. The winners of the national competition will be sponsored to meet in France (for 2008) to compete with other national winners. The prizes are very attractive both at national and even more drooling at international level. Go and have a look!  ”

Oops…. 77 words >_<. hehe. Guess IC is so interesting that even 77 words cannot  wrap up what it is!  Well… Imaginecup 2008 has been opened for a week or two already…  So.. Come on! lets get and have a look and let the brains get cracking! 🙂

Read it all up @

This years theme is on the evironment. Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment .


One Response to “Imagine Cup 2008!”

  1. blurSotong Says:

    its in FRANCE next yr?!!? ok..let me hv a look..hmm…

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