Photos of Gadget Session 10 Aug 2007

This blog is the continuation from

The photos are shrinked, full photo at

I realised that Flickr only allow 3 sets for free account… $#%^!#$

Anyway, it is a session well ran.. hehe. It my very first session and so some valuable lessons learned.

1) if you are printing the notes yourselves.
Dont print single side or you will be carrying one heavy box here and there! >_<
print double side, 2-1 page and each set becomes from 32 pages to just 7 page small.

2) You might also want to consider the video demonstrations, and you dont have to worry if your school’s PC is using XP or vista.  

3) Dominos is very nice attraction, but remember to entrust the collection to a person whom you know will get the receipt from the delivery guy. My dear friend did not get the receipt and I have to take photos of the pizzas just in case.. hehe.

4) Dont put threatening word on your posters, I put *some java scripting and html skills needed and are not taught in this session* and I realise that it might have put off some people. I thought it is better to be informative, apparantly ignorance for them is bliss… hehe.



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