Singapore National Day @ Sebel!

Its quite late for blogging this but it is an event not to be ‘not blogged’. hehe.

This years NDP dinner is bring jointly organised by Singapore Business Association and Singapore Queensland Association. and I am charged with the AV for the whole event and some other micro stuff.  >_<
There are alot of performances by different cultural groups like Maori/Indonesian/Malay dances. Guests includes the Singapore high commissioner to Australia, SIA’s representative, Pacific food Industries, Micheal Choy from ALP and more!. (it can go on and on).

The food was great and the whole dinner turned out better than expected. Several last minute ‘fires’ to put out though.  There was no projector screen! and the placement of the hotel was too widely spread for 1 projection… but thanks to several  friends from SSA who came along, we set up a temperory solution by hanging a table cloth at the wall! hehe. nice job guys! 🙂

Anyway, some photos @ flikr

Wanna know what we had for dinner?


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