dont delete you email forever?

I am now looking at my gmail I have been using for the past 2 years. it is currently 2019 MB (70%) of your 2884 MB.

Make me wonder… it was just 2 years ago when online emails had limit of like what… 20 MB? We thought that that is not enough but somehow managed. Now with the introduction emails with Gigabyte spaces, it seems that all our storage problem is solved. Or is it not? It seems that our appitite for space seems to grow with availability. You give me 20MB and I will use up 18MB before complaining, you give me 2GB and I will use up 1.8GB. So on and so forth.

Very interesting to see how our online habit changes with time. 🙂

Anyway, I am saving all nicie emails attachments which my uncle EN has sent constantly (Thats why previous post came out). Probably compile them into a CD. 🙂

Okie, here is one very interesting one… star at it and blur your eyes! Dunno about you guys, but my eyes hurt after starting at it >_<

Blur your eyes


2 Responses to “dont delete you email forever?”

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