Microsoft Student Partner in QUT! Part 2

Okay, here goes…

I have joined the Microsoft Student Partner program not 2 weeks ago, and it has been quite exciting.

It is always fun and rewarding to organise events with someone behind you saying, “Hey, go ahead! I will provide you with some $ and goodies to give out” especially when Nick is so easy to get along with. 😉

Okie… back to the MSP thingy. I guess I am suppose to … be myself and organise some interesting events for people to get in touch with MS technology or products, students will then feel that learning with MS is fun and rewarding! Fun!

Now that I am here, I will need to thank some people… lets see.

BERNARD!  <– guy who made me make this blog, and encouraged me to joined IC07. Yea benard, your name will be mentioned here and here. haha!

Nick <– guys who made MSP for me fun. Probably we will FREAKING fun when his ‘budget’ arrives. lol!

Chien and David <– good buddies in IC07 … and IC08. lol!

Binh <– for not objecting me with MSP. She can kill it with one word because she is my sup. HAHA!


2 Responses to “Microsoft Student Partner in QUT! Part 2”

  1. bernardoh Says:

    Bwahh! I can influence people without being a part of Microsoft 😛 Thanks for remembering me.

  2. xiquan Says:

    it is suppose to be ‘here and there’ not ‘here and here’ anyway. lol

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