The Big Break – Singapore

February 5, 2008

Woohoo!! THe big break is here! Andrew is off to Singapore for 3 weeks of de-stress.

 Day 1

Arrived in Airport at 4pm. Wanted to get some tiger beer out… but apparantly, I can only bring 3 cans of beer. >_< so no beer.
First thing first, I paid a visit to my Uncle that night.
My uncle is the most senior now in my family now that my father passed away, and so it has became a responsibility to pay a visit for respect (to me at least).
What supposed to be a simple visit to my uncle became a big event. my aunties wanted to come along it became a family dinner. Well, not too bad. hehe. 🙂

Day 2

Woke up in the morning… Singapore FOOD! yummy. got cai tao guay (carrot cake) and ming jiang guay (peanut sandwich) for breakfast.. yummy. hehe. 
then it is straight to the Columbarium to see my daddy and my other desceased relatives. most of my desceased relatives’ ash are placed in nam an temple, even my grandma and grandpa will have to come here when the government exhumes the cemetery in about 5 years time.
The temple is very beautiful now with stone cravings on the walls. hmm.. this is a day of rememberance. A tribute to wonderful memories, and a place where our loved ones come to rest.

We then went to China town to get some CNY goodies! 🙂
well, it is not as crowded as what it used to be. But its still crowded nontheless.

Day 3

Went to visit my maternal aunties in Bukit Timah. they recently bought a new Semi-detach in Bukit Timah, the fate of the bunglow nearby where they used to live will have to be decided. To sell or to rent.. hmm… Rental is a good option for investment, but sale is always tempting for other possibilities. Went on the NTUC to get some groceries and shaver… not shaved for 3 days >_<

tonight, I am to invite my ancestors, dad and uncle/aunties home. Traditionally, it is like sending a text message to the nether world to remind them to come by our house tomorrow. Theoratically, they should come tomorrow and meet us! so naturally, everyone is comming to our house to pray tomorrow.

Day 4

Realised that this is not the way to blog the travels… no time to do it too! hehe. 🙂

 But I will probably put it up to flickr! 🙂


pollution. we are like frogs in warm water.

January 29, 2008

Hmmm… there is this heavy heavy rain today and it prompted me to wash my car while it last. brrr…. bad decision.. >_<
anyway, thats not the focus of this blog. 🙂

 I was taking the ferry to school this morning, when I took a quick look outside. The rain has stopped, the air was fresh and cool. I realised that the landscape is SO MUCH clearer than usual, I did not realise that the world is so clear and crisp. It then seemed to me that everything is so clear now only because the rain has cleaned up the air of dust. So sad that we all got so used to the everyday pollution. >_<

Just like frogs in a pot of water, not realising that the water is getting hot because it is being heated slowly. Althought we are still amongst the cleaner country, least we forget that we are still in a bad shape.


Hey! Which reminded me of this song. I have shared it before in one of my previous blogs. but It is so good, that bringing it up a thousand times is never too much. Listen to the lyrics! and understand what it is trying to tell us!

 One of the comments which I find very meaningful. Sums up what this song is about.

“What Julian is saying in this song is that man has accomplished so many monumental things and we’re so proud of them (space travel, our society, industrial & civilization improvements) but we manage to forget some important issues to all mankind like poverty, starvation, pollution etc. ”

Timmy and Tammy

January 18, 2008

Cats… did I mentioned cats?
hehe. ok. We bought 2 cats.

It all Begin when my gf made me angry.
To revenge, I brought her to all the puppy shops I can find that weekend.
I know that will antagonise her because she loves dogs but … our rental place do not permit a dog… hehe.

unfortunately… heaven forbids… she decided to get a cat instead (our rental allow cats)… so.. she “counter-revenged” by pestering me 24/7 for a cat. Well.. she got what she wanted. Then that’s where my stupid mouth moves… I started talking about how lonely will the cat be and how boring if no one plays with him… so ….


Moral of the story.. never take revenge on your close ones… especially girlfriend

Uninstalling Orcas

January 18, 2008

Hmm… I don’t think many people had this trouble as I can only find one instance of this error on the web.

 Anyway, I had trouble uninstalling my Visual studio Orcas (required for VS2008) and replacing it with VS 2008.

There is a strange “Error 1324: the folder path ‘VS Tools for Office’ contains an invalid character. ” which I cannot resolve. I removed VS tools and programming support in all my office application but it does not work. I removed all folders relating to VS tools for Office too but … well..

Anyway, after doing the “correct” way. I decide to look into the dark alley of unscrupulous removal of Orcas. >_<
Not recommended but desperate measures. Here is the magic tool which solved my problem. Have a look at it and use your imagination! hehe. see –>

Guess what did my Xbox cost me… >_<

December 27, 2007

Yep…. new Xbox = new LCD TV, new LCD TV = new Home entertainment system!

HAHA… looks like this is a spending christmas for me >_<

Anyway, bought a 42″ LG LCD TV for AUD$1700.

Then we saw an offer on Sony home entertainment system. …. oops…

We bought a Sony home theatre system TH400B at 50% (AUD$700) as it is discontinued.

So I guess I am back into poverty. 😦 Earning my tickets back to Singapore for a holiday.

If you read this blog and feel pity for me. please donate at the upper right corner! HEHE.

(Note: Photos to be uploaded)

XBox update

December 27, 2007

Oh, did I mention that I won a XBox from Microsoft as a Microsoft Student Partner?

Thats just another interesting perks which Microsoft had offered students. So remember to be pro-active! =)

So here is a quick review on the games!

Ghost Recon 2 : Damn nice! but I finished the whole campaign in 3 days >_<. Cant wait to play multiplayer.
Starwars Trilogy : It gets boring after a few acts. but you need to have seen starwars movies first before playing. else it will get confusing and boring after awhile. alot of stages! nice! =)

Join this Facebook group and contribute to charity! *

December 21, 2007
Okie, here is the deal. =)
Full honestyIf I can get the most people to join this group compared to others, I will get a HTC S310 SmartPhone. So I will put in 1 cents into charity for each person who joins! hehe.

Oh! yea, the great deal offered by Microsoft?… join group and see discussion! =)

LATEST NEWS!! its a must see!!

December 21, 2007


Hey! lets not forget about mentioning about ‘CONTIKI’ AND ‘WWW.MYCANVASCARD.COM.AU‘.

They are the proud partners of this itsnotcheating programs and so it is only right that we acknowledge them! 🙂

Catching up Part 2: PhD activities

December 21, 2007
Woops… PhD confirmation did not go that entirely well.
I am asked to address 3 issues in my research… I am pretty sure 3 Issues will bring about 6 area to cover which will cause 18 Questions to arise… so it is back to the drawing board. =(

Grrrrr … KAMBATE!! (頑張ってください.!!)

Catching up Part 1: MSP activities

December 21, 2007

Woo… MSP activities! hehe. fun part first! Lets see

Mixed on Campus 08 : Mixed on campus was a great success for students! short version? Students from all over queensland gathered at QUT to attend a one-day session which covers various areas of web and design organised by Microsoft. (

QUT IT Competition: Competition of different units have ended. (ITB 007, ITB 751, ITB 003) The students won either by acadamic excellence or good assignment projects, and the prizes are given away. =)